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WixGear Cup Stick - 310

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    UP HOLDER PHONE MOUNT: This is better than any other cup holder phone mount, made with high quality materials that holds your phone safely and securely anywhere you drive. Comes with sidearms which can be adjusted to hold any smartphone.
    ADJUSTABLE ARM UP AND DOWN: This cellphone holder in car cup holder comes with stick adjustable up and down for better viewing. It will make you drive safely especially when using GPS, making your eyes more focused on the road.
    EXPANDABLE BASE: This fits to every car cup holder. Simply insert the base of this cellphone holder into your car's cup holder. Turn the dial and the base will gradually expand inside the cup holder - making base ultra secure.
    HEAVY DUTY CAR MOUNT: This phone cup holder with extension has a lot of innovative features. Insert your phone between the sidearms and adjust the width based on your device, this heavy duty car cup phone holder fits all phones.
    ROTATE TO ANY POSITION: This WixGear cup holder is 360 degrees rotatable design. This car holder for cellphone rotates just perfectly to your view, letting you view your phone without reflection caused by light. Great position to utilize your phone.

    1. Adjustable base
    2. Extendable arm

    1. Doesn't rattle
    2. Compatible with different smartphones

    1. Convenient smartphone position
    2. Easy to install and use

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