We Are Seventh Dimension 

Founded in 2010, Seventh Dimension is a Kuwait-based enterprise that unifies smart device distribution, retail, e-commerce and home-service under one corporate umbrella. We are a leading partner to global powerhouse brands including Anker Innovations, RAVPower, WizGear & Patchworks. We’re diversifying our portfolio every day as we incorporate best-in-class, innovative smart device accessories from new categories to improve the daily lives of our customers.
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We’re writing our success story every day, and every year brings a new milestone.

2009 - Opened our first retail stores for customers in Kuwait.

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We built our brand on developing long-lasting partnerships across the globe

● We serve over 350 retail partners in Kuwait and Qatar

● We maintain over 89 brand partnerships through our multi-brand universe ASTORE

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We nurture people, because we know our people, our community and our partnerships

are the driver of our success.



For our founders, a lifelong friendship and a single spark kindled the fire of a lifetime.

Our founders, Abdullah Al-Lafi, and Salem Al-Hajery, began with a dream: to achieve greatness by delivering the most innovative, high-quality solutions,

Our Divisions  

Every division is a vital component in our delivery of operational excellence



 Our retail division includes 6 ASTORE locations, Seventh Dimension flagship stores. We have several more locations in the pipeline, enabling us to serve our community even more efficiently and effectively. Our ASTORE stores are at the forefront of what people are looking for in essential accessories and gadgets. And in a fast-moving, fast-changing market we’ve pioneered our brand with the agility needed to adapt. 
ASTORE is a massive multi-brand universe: a proprietary megastore offering over 90 globally leading brands and brand partners. Our partners are household names, or brands with emerging positive customer equity. ASTORE primarily offers mobile-related technologies, we also host a wide-range of accessories, mobile and accessory cases, wellness devices and more.  

ASTORE is the proud partner to brands you know and love, like Apple, Huawei, Moshi, Belkin, Grip2u, UAG, RAVPower, and Anker - and many more.


The Seventh Dimension distribution division operates in Kuwait and Qatar. We are the exclusive officially licensed distributor for Anker Innovations (including all sub-brands), RAVPower, WizGear, and Patchworks. 

At the present time, we have over 350 retail partners. We diligently build our partnerships with longevity in mind. Together we strategize to anticipate the needs of our markets and communities to bring innovative technology to our customers. The reasons we’ve quickly become the go-to distribution partner of choice are simple… our work ethic and strategy are built around partnerships, first and foremost. By building meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships, we’re able to deliver unrivaled quality to our customers, and help our brand partners expand their global reach exponentially.



As a tech-focused business, e-commerce plays a vital role in our operations. We own, manage and operate e-commerce platforms: astorekw.com; anker.com.kw; and ravpower.com.qa. 

Through these dedicated e-commerce platforms, customers across the GCC get quick and easy access to globally leading products from categories such as mobile accessories, smart devices, chargers and power banks, gaming accessories and more. We offer over 2,500 unique products - and we’re growing our inventory every day with more hand-selected brand partners and item selections to deliver the best solutions for our customers

Home Services

FIXAID is the Seventh Dimension concept, which offers device repairs - efficiently and cost-effectively. Consider us your neighborhood mobile phone, tablet, or computer repair workshop, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and just a phone call away. 

FIXAID offers a unique solution and unparalleled professional device. Our expert repair technicians will come to your location (in the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you need us) to fix the issue on the spot, providing you with convenient service and taking the hassle out of the process. Say goodbye to having to leave your home or office for an urgent repair, wait in line, and then return later to pick up your refreshed devices.

Our fleet comprises 25 vehicles and over 40 repair technicians. They are all ready to work at a moment’s notice. Vehicles are fully equipped with spare parts and tools, and our repair technicians are highly well-trained individuals, who work across a broad spectrum of brands and product lines with detailed expertise to ensure consumer satisfaction.

The Seventh Dimension Family  
 We believe in partnerships, first and foremost. When our founders Abdullah and Salem built Seventh Dimension, they had the vision to bring unparalleled innovations to the communities they serve, by combining world-leading product offerings with exceptional attention to detail, operational excellence and unrivalled customer service. Every team member has been a part of bringing that vision to life, thank you!
Interested in joining the team? Find out why Seventh Dimension is one of the fastest growing companies in Kuwait by looking at the testimonials from some of our super-star team! 
Company team

Salem Al-Hajery, Founder & Partner

At Seventh Dimension, we believe in partnerships and people. That’s at the core of everything we do. Building a leading company takes time, effort, spirit, and expertise - each of our team members brings these qualities with them every day, that’s the secret to our success

Company team

Abdullah Al-Lafi, CEO & Founding Partner

At Seventh Dimension, we give our teams ownership over their projects to collectively build our future one day at a time. They think big, make up their minds on how they want to tackle challenges and then execute their ideas. Our love for innovation through partnerships makes our company a huge success - both in numbers and spirit.

Company team

Abanob Kamal Roshdi, Cashier & Warehouse Team member

I’ve met so many friends here it just surprised me in the best way. I’ve learned so much at Seventh Dimension. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and build my skillsets.

Company team

Mahmoud Hassan, Warehouse Manager

We have big dreams for the future here. We’re all working together to make Seventh Dimension a world-recognized company, and we help each other achieve that goal - thanks to a great team and management!


Company team

Omar Baladi, Commercial Director

Seventh Dimension is a diverse, dynamic organization and a market leader. As part of the leadership team, I get the opportunity to help grow the business locally and internationally and learn from our exceptional management and team daily.

Company team

Asufer Khan, Sales Executive

Seventh Dimension brings the people new world-class products with the local taste in mind. We understand the fast and challenging world of technology and our customers; that’s how we’re always able to exceed their expectations.

Company team

Ahmad Al-Athra, Area Retail Manager

Seventh Dimension is a leading company that takes care of its team like we are family.

Company team

Nadine Khochaiche, Office Manager

Working at Seventh Dimension has helped me learn and grow every single day.


Partner With Us  
Relying on the successes of the ASTORE KUWAIT retail module, we equipped it with its digital suit. But that's just the beginning of our story. Our plan is to further expand our operations by penetrating new markets with this trademark. In addition to our unceasing efforts in developing our own secret project: "REDACTED"